Our menus feature local, organic, sustainable and seasonal products. This means that our ingredients are coming from people we know and trust and do not use any chemicals, toxins, gmo's, hormones, additives, food colorings or preservatives or pesticides in the planting, growing, harvesting or processing of their food. It also means that our offering will change throughout the year to reflect the current season's bounty. The local growers, artisan craftsmen and other suppliers that we partner with have the same passion for high-quality food as we do.

We operate a scratch kitchen, which means that to ensure the utmost quality and consistency, we prepare nearly all of the products featured on these menus in-house from the cured and smoked meats, to the house-brined pickles and olives, to the house-baked pastries, preserves and english muffins.  This also means that during peak business hours, we ask that you please allow extra time for your meal. Thank you in advance for your patience.

nana Early WInter Drink Menu

nana Early Winter Food Menu 2018-19



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