Nana is a family-owned, organic restaurant offering choices for those who are not only passionate about great tasting food, but who are also passionate about where their food comes from. The products we use are free of synthetic preservatives, growth hormones, genetically modified ingredients, antibiotics, artificial colors and flavors and other additives and chemicals, including pesticides. We support the ethical treatment of animals, promote sustainability and buy local whenever possible.

Our mission: Nana is driven to source the finest ingredients from local farms and certified organic vendors, suppliers, and craftsmen who meet and maintain USDA organic standards in an effort to develop a seasonal and approachable food & drink menu that is grounded in American cuisine but also has Latin American, Mexican, and Spanish influences. Nana is also committed to providing guests with friendly and attentive service in a clean, warm, and rustic dining environment. As a family-owned and -operated business, nana strives to give back to the community through various philanthropic initiatives and partnerships.

Many thanks to the farmers and producers whose products are featured on this menu including: Nichols Farm and Orchard, Green Acres Farm, Mick Klug Farm, Slagel Farm, Forage & Foster, La Farine, Pleasant House Pies & Bread, Leaning Shed, Green Spirit Farm, Spence Farm, Henry’s Farm, Closed Loop Farm, Metropolis Coffee, Urban Canopy and Odd Produce.

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