Meet Our New Sandwich!

After many introductions over weekend brunch as a chef special, we decided the Plantain Sandwich had to become available to everyone, everyday. It just wasn’t fair to the busy weekday lunch crowd who only heard and had to just imagine how crispy plantains could replace bread on any sandwich. Now, our Plantain Sandwich is officially available for brunch and dinner all week long for everyone to enjoy. For many who are familiar with the Puerto Rican Jibarito, our Plantain Sandwich is quite similar. We’re using seasoned pulled chicken, adding our classic cilantro-lime slaw and a little melted cheddar for our version and serving it up with Cuban black beans and rice. It’s a happy choice for guests who may be gluten-sensitive and cannot eat bread (not gluten-free since our plantains are fried in an oil shared with other foods). We think it’ll be your new favorite thing!

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